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The Doom Tunnel

2008-12-22 08:40:56 by Jage1992

Hey guys! Jage here, how are you all? I decided to post this for everybody who's been asking me about making the rest of the Doom Tunnel. The reason the rest of it is not up yet, is because my game designing laptop is not functional, I have recently returned from a break from Flash design, and am working on a much bigger project. So far, I have done alot of what everyone has sujested, the graphics have been improved durasticly with the use of textures, I have changed the cursor to a cool little jetpack dude! I'm also going to work on composing a little soundtrack for the game. So foar I have designed level three, where you will be able to battle against guards. There will be levels where you will have to escape the clutches of large bosses! So you will not be dissapointed with the full version!

I have decided to release the game in two parts, there will be 10 levels in total. Doom tunnel one will consist of 5 levels, and the same will apply for the second release.

Look forward to posting it to you!
Take Care,


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