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Back once again! With some AWESOME NEWS!

2009-04-22 15:03:45 by Jage1992


Hey guys!
It's Jage here, finally back ONCE AGAIN from other projects! I have recently been working as a composer for small filmes, and have got quite a fiew tracks done! So now I am back to my solo work, and to celebrate, I have decided to open a NEW WEBSITE!!! WOOOOO!! But seeing as I used to be a lazy tight wad with online things, I never acctually bothered getting a proper domain name, or a proper hosting site, or even building a website properly for that matter!

So I have decided to change all of that NOW! I have bought the coolest of new domain names:! Although there isn't really much on it yet, I intend to be bumping up the standards of my flash work, making all new games, cartoons, e-cards and much more! If you still tend to stumble across my flash work, you shall soon begin to notice a small countdown timer with a link to the new site. But yeah, as I said, not much on it yet. So I shall be posting another article when it is all up to scratch.

Want to help and be a part of it all?
Well I am acctually looking for a couple of independant animators to join me in my quest to make the best! I'm looking for all sorts of animators, those who can make flash cartoons, flash games, those who can create digital artwork, or artwork of any kind! Those who can make videos and those who are talented at composing.

But of course, you will be credited up the wazoo! You will be able to include your name and the website url in your work, and you will be added as a submitor of content in our credits page.
Also, those who post over 5 well designed seperate items of content, will recieve:
An optional link to their blog, or an editable blog made for them
Your very own e-mail address under the domain (e.g.
And to be titled as an official valuable submitter of the content!
If you are interested, you can contact me through: or alternatively, you can contact me through newgrounds (e-mail is preferable as I am more likely to respond faster!)

Thank you and Goodnight!


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2009-07-20 05:11:29

You know what though... make sure you stick to this... I was about as good as you are on flash when I was 16... but since then I kind of gave up trying and now I suck more than i did before I start.. I just stick to the 'shopping and chopping.

Yeah, I'll try and "real" up your character in some cool way too like was mentioned.. also, if I get any free time I'll help you out with some other graphics but right now I'm busy working on my current project for newgrounds tied up with my own personal website (watch this space for details) I also want to spend some time with your dud... just as another project to put my mind on... if i'm ever free I'll let you know and you can come scrounge some graphics etc

Jage1992 responds:

Thanks for your support, I did what you did! I gave up on the site! Although I have started work on something new, I am intending on starting a new anime series called Project Green Diamond. It will be exclusive to youtube but will be released to Newgrounds also. Hope your project is going well! If there is anything I can do to help out let me know!


2014-02-22 11:12:14

i love death train when's death train full game